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As a full service workshop we can’t ignore the biggest safety item on your car – tyres.  We aren’t aligned to any particular tyre brand so this allows us to recommend the right tyre for your car.  If your manufacturer recommends a Bridgestone tyre chances are we’ll follow that recommendation.

Tyres used to just be the thing that kept the wheels off the ground, now they’re an essential part of the safety, suspension, and handling systems.  Modern tyre technology allows vehicle manufacturers to spend less on expensive suspension and braking components because they can rely on the performance of the tyres.  This is good for you because it keeps the cost of cars at a reasonable level, but not good for you if you don’t replace your tyres with the right brand and specification.

Just because your car has Pirelli tyres on it, doesn’t mean they can’t be replaced with Goodyear, but tyres have significant specifications beyond just the size.  When you look at two tyres that are the same size but one is twice the price of the other – there’s a reason for it and buying the cheaper tyre if its not matched to your car isn’t a good idea.

Wheel Alignments


Whenever we replace tyres we also do a full wheel rebalance. If you’re feeling a vibration through your steering wheel chances are a wheel has gone out of balance. Don’t delay bringing your car in when this happens – a quick rebalance is likely to be much easier and cheaper than having to replace your tyres.


We also recommend a wheel alignment whenever you buy new tyres. There’s no sense in spending good money on tyres if you’re wheels are pointing in the wrong direction. You’ll be back for another set in no time at all.


Here’s a test for you – on a straight road loosen your grip on the steering wheel (be safe – don’t let go!) and ease on the brakes. If your car pulled to either side you probably need a wheel alignment.

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