Brake Repairs Specialist in Yeerongpilly

You step on them every day and when you do you want to be confident that you’re going to stop smoothly and quickly.  Brakes are our specialty and it’s not uncommon for us to be changing disc brakes, machining discs and drums or simply topping up your brake fluid as part of your regular service.

We use and recommend high quality brake pads and shoes from the likes of Bendix, RDA, Winmax, and Project Mu.

Be aware that a noise in your front brakes often means the back ones are in need of attention as well.  Brake discs will often need to be machined when your brake pads are changed and in this area ‘they don’t make ‘em like they used to’ certainly applies so replacing your brake discs is also quite common especially on newer cars.

It’s easy to forget about brake fluid – this is the hydraulic fluid that drives your braking system and while it doesn’t need to be changed often it does need to be checked regularly and from time to time we will recommend a complete replacement.

Brake Servicing:


  • Brake pad and shoe replacement
  • Disc and drum brake machining
  • Brake caliper repairs
  • Hydraulic system repairs
  • Handbrake adjustment & repairs
  • Customer Satisfaction

    • finally a loyal & honest mechanic thats willing to work with you and your needs. I cant recommend them enough. Not once have I turned up and the price has been elevated with out any notice. Thank you guys. will drive from the redlands every time for even the smallest job. 10 stars

      Kev Ryan Avatar
      Kev Ryan

      My starter motor was on its way out and needed a few other things fixed, A good friend recommended wayne’s and I am very happy they did! Karen was very friendly at reception and the shop was clean..the turn around time was very fast too!

      Janine Gillespie Avatar
      Janine Gillespie

      Been looking for a local mechanic near me and was surprised to find this little gem! The team is small, and family run which is really nice. Very friendly and trustworthy.

      Dorothy Nelson Avatar
      Dorothy Nelson
    • I took my Subaru into Wayne’s to have a schedule service. I was happy to get a call letting me know there were a few things that needed attention, but they gave me prices and happily advised they could be done later.

      Janice Sanchez Avatar
      Janice Sanchez

      I had a constant squeal occurring on my car's front driver-side. I thought it might be a worn ball joint.

      After they had a look there was no obvious issue but they lubricated some bushings as that could have likely been the culprit.

      Because it was such a relatively small job with no guarantee that it would solve the issue, they weren't going to charge me anything! I insisted I pay them for their time - it's only fair. They eventually accepted my offer of payment and I'm glad they did because the squeal has definitely stopped!

      Honest and friendly, definitely recommended! Cheers!

      Scott Mehaffey Avatar
      Scott Mehaffey

      Efficient, professional service. Friendly knowledgeable staff. Nothing to big or small.
      Thank you guys you have saved me thousands. No more dealership services for me

      Irene Rowley Avatar
      Irene Rowley
    • Great communication from the team and always helpful.

      Greg Hoffmann Avatar
      Greg Hoffmann

      Great friendly service, quality work at a reasonable price highly recommend.

      Scott Browning Avatar
      Scott Browning

      This garage save our life. Very friendly, very good service.

      Margo Grd Avatar
      Margo Grd
    • Can't speak highly enough of this company. Would absolutely recommend to anyone and often do. Integrity, honesty and quality all round. One of the rare mechanics where the mechanic will talk you through everything. And given the way I drive, anyone who can keep my heap running deserves 10/10. Top people.

      Ben Threadgate Avatar
      Ben Threadgate

      What a great family owned business, I would recommend it to anyone. Eric and Karen go to all lengths to make sure the customer is happy! I was very impressed with there communication throughout the repair.

      Now the prado is back on the road to do more adventures, I will be going back for all my major services in the future.

      Thanks guys!

      Matt Torley Avatar
      Matt Torley

      Very honest workshop with fair prices. Already on the phone I got the most honest and friendly help from all the workshops I called in Brisbane. I absolutely recommend this place!

      Ano Nymous Avatar
      Ano Nymous
    • Fantastic service and so helpful, would and will be recommending Eric and his team to everyone I know.

      Gemma Milliken Avatar
      Gemma Milliken


      I was in the process of swapping cars and originally went there for some bodywork fixing on the car that was for sale - job done quickly, effectively and at a great price.

      I then went back with a second car I'd bought as a replacement to find out there had been multiple engine error codes hidden prior to sale. The team at Wayne's Auto repairs went above and beyond and showed tremendous care and customer service by helping ensure to the problem was resolved.

      Abbie Morgan Avatar
      Abbie Morgan

      I had my corolla serviced last week and the job was done very well. Now the car 100% better. Thanks to Eric and Karen

      Ria Family Dental Avatar
      Ria Family Dental
    • If you are looking for good service then this is the place to go. We have been 3 times with different cars and each time we have had great communication, spot on price and well thought out ideas as to how to do the repairs. Eric & Karen have a passion for all things to do with cars. Thanks guys - couldn't be happier.

      Lynne Monterrosa Avatar
      Lynne Monterrosa

      Fast response, efficient, friendly and underbudget! Not sure what else you can say about a high quality mechanic. Definitely going back when I have another issue.

      Scott Wilson Avatar
      Scott Wilson

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