Yeerongpilly’s No1 Mechanical Team

Wayne’s Auto Repairs has been a Yeerongpilly mechanical institution for over 20 years.  Originally owned and operated by Wayne Pfingst, upon his retirement the workshop has passed into the expert hands of Eric Witt.

Eric Witt – Head Mechanic and Owner

Eric cut his mechanical teeth working on high performance race cars and drag cars.  While that was a lot of fun paying the bills came from his time in the brake industry and working in different workshops in the Brisbane and Logan areas.  In case you’re wondering, Eric prefers a disc brake well and truly over a drum brake but he’s still sitting on the fence on his preference between petrol and diesel.

Karen Witt – Office Champion, Spare Parts Expert

You’ll find Karen mostly in the office and on the phone, but occasionally in the workshop pumping brakes and handing tools to Eric when he’s upside down under a gearbox.  After working in customer service for over 25 years, you can be assured you are receiving top notch customer service each and every time you deal with Karen.

Gerry Witt – World’s oldest apprentice

OK, he’s not technically an apprentice, but he does remember Mal Meninga running out for the under 12s on the Moorooka footy ground.  Don’t let this silver haired charmer fool you – he’s there for work and not just decoration (although he is quite a handsome gentleman).

Gerry’s mechanical life is long and varied.  He drove for Black & White when the cabbie needed to know how to change a tyre and tune a carburettor and his time on the stage coaches with Cobb & Co is the stuff of legends.

His current interests include plotting the downfall of his son-in-law who has written this bio.

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